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We are S Edwards and we take great care in our unbeatable refrigeration courier service in Liverpool. The dedication to our work is reflected in our modern fleet of vehicles equipped with the most recent advancements in temperature-controlled technology. Our drivers are very skilful and fully trained to ensure your cargo is kept at the right temperature and kept in perfect condition during transport.

And, we don’t stop there. Whilst we offer great refrigerated transport services, we can also provide temperature-controlled storage facilities that are spread throughout the UK. Regardless of your refrigeration needs, our team are here to assist you.


Refrigerated Haulage Specialist Liverpool

We are your trusted transport company for temperature-controlled goods in Liverpool. We know the ins and outs of temperature-sensitive goods as well as the complexity of delivering them. This is why we go above and beyond and treat all products like they are our own, ensuring the temperature remains constant at all times throughout the journey.

Our trained drivers have years of experience in refrigerated haulage and we have picked up a wealth of industry knowledge to make sure your goods are in perfect condition. Our top priority is to ensure your cargo is delivered on time without any damage caused in the transportation.

By choosing us for your refrigeration transport in Liverpool, you can relax and have full confidence in our ability to deliver your products in tip-top condition. We are of the finest in the haulage industry, especially temperature-controlled haulage. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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