How to Choose the Right Courier Service for your Business

Whether you sell your goods online or from a shop or depot, your priority is to get your products to your customer as safely and promptly as possible. Therefore, you must use a courier service if you don’t have a fleet of delivery vehicles and staff. 

Using a courier service, you must find one that works alongside you. Whoever delivers your goods becomes the face of your company. Choose the wrong one, and you will soon be hearing from dissatisfied customers, who you may very well lose. As retaining customers is essential to a company’s growth and maintenance. 

Your courier service has to provide a positive delivery experience to keep your customers happy. So what key areas should you consider when employing a courier service? Our checklist below can help you in your decision-making. If you want contented customers, ensure your courier service meets the requirements below.


How Fast The Courier Can Deliver

Shoppers today want what they have bought quickly. Some even want it yesterday! The expansion of huge online companies with same-day delivery has set a standard that customers expect from many of the businesses they buy from.


Reasonable or not, it is an expectation to meet once your product is ready to be shipped. Check out the speed at which a courier company delivers. Some couriers can offer same day delivery, fast and standard deliveries.


Domestic & International Deliveries

While a local courier service can provide fast delivery within the boundaries of your town or city, your business may need an International fast delivery. So you must check how far and wide your courier can reach. Here at S Edwards, we have an extensive network of UK domestic and International delivery options to meet your needs.


How Careful Is The Courier Service With Your Goods

There are better ways to keep happy customers than receiving a damaged parcel. How your courier service handles your products is another critical aspect. Talk to them about how they manage their deliveries. For example, do they use multiple vehicles in the delivery process, increasing the risk of damage? Checking out the company’s reviews can give you a good insight into how the company operates.


While you are asking these questions, take note of how professional the organisation is with their answers. Also, check out the look of the company. Does the company use modern, maintained equipment? Breakdowns can be expensive for you regarding late delivery time and customer disappointment. Are the drivers smart and courteous? How much effort do they put into their vehicles and themselves?


How Much Do They Charge?

Price is a significant consideration, but going for the cheapest can often mean compromising the quality of service you want. Getting your parcels delivered is just part of the shopping experience your customer expects. On-time deliveries and no damaged packages add to a happy, returning customer. 


With 35 years of experience, S Edwards knows how to make you and your customers happy. We offer courier services in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Chester and around the UK. So give us a call and chat with us.


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